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Static and Dynamic Monitoring of Railway Tracks Geometry – Le Vésinet

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    RATP Infrastructures, a subsidiary of the RATP group, is responsible for managing infrastructure on the historic rail network in the Île-de-France region around Paris, France. It also ensures the technical management, monitoring, maintenance and necessary repairs for safely operate the network. As part of its responsibilities, RATP Infrastructures is tasked with the maintenance of railway tracks. Therefore, monitoring the evolution of track geometry is essential for railway safety.


    The AIDA IoT platform is used for the comprehensive management of data generated by SISGEO RAIL’s FLX-RAIL sensors installed in an area known to be unstable. A series of 5 pairs of instruments placed 3 meters apart allows for track monitoring both in quiet conditions (no trains passage) and when trains pass by. This unique instrumentation, for the first time, enables continuous and automatic monitoring of the complete track geometry.


    The fully automated monitoring system, managed through the AIDA IoT web platform, enables the railway infrastructure manager to ensure compliance with railway traffic safety requirements. These requirements mandate the check of track geometry parameters, both under empty and loaded conditions, such as superelevation and loaded cant.