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How can I use AIDA IoT?

To use AIDA IoT, simply connect to the website from your preferred browser.

How does AIDA IoT work?

Manual measurements and those from automatic data loggers are sent to AIDA IoT servers using various protocols (FTP, MQTT, API, etc.). The files are processed and can be subsequently accessed through viewing areas.

Does AIDA IoT handle alarms?

Yes, it is possible to set up to four types of alarm thresholds and configure the sending of SMS and email notifications to authorized users.

Is it possible to import data directly into AIDA IoT?

Yes, you can import .xlsx or .csv files into the project in the “Data Collectors” section.

Can automatic reports be configured in AIDA IoT?

Yes, you can configure fully interactive automatic reports with the option to schedule automatic delivery.

What types of maps can be configured in AIDA IoT?

Interactive maps of image, geo, and .svg types can be configured in AIDA IoT.

Can I validate and invalidate data in AIDA IoT?

Yes, you can validate and invalidate a single measurement or a set of data from the “Data Validation” section.

Does Aida IoT have a section to save and share documents?

Yes, there is a storage area, accessible from the “Archives” section, where you can upload and share documents of any type and preview .pdf and image documents.

What tools can AIDA IoT manage?

AIDA IoT can manage all types of instruments and is already compatible with many commercially available automatic data loggers.

What types of files does AIDA IoT support?

AIDA IoT is already compatible with .xlsx or .csv files. We can implement support for any file type generated by a data acquisition system.

Is it possible to have different access levels?

Yes, you can configure different access privileges so that some users can interact with the database while others can only view without modification privileges.

Can I manage external devices with AIDA IoT?

Yes, AIDA IoT allows interaction with various external devices such as lights, sirens, cameras, traffic lights, etc.

Can AIDA IoT interact with external platforms?

Yes, AIDA IoT can exchange and receive data (pull or push) through WEB calls.

Do I personally have to configure and manage the project?

Not necessarily! In the “turnkey” solution, our team will handle the entire project configuration according to the received specifications, relieving you of the entire project setup and implementation phase.

Can I manage my project in AIDA IoT on my own?

Yes, most settings can be managed by the user on the platform, and the AIDA IoT staff will only provide minimal initial configuration.

I would like to configure and manage my projects independently. Is that possible?

By choosing the “On-premise” hosting solution, if requested, you will be provided with all the tools for the autonomous configuration and management of your projects.