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AIDA IoT, the flexible platform capable of meeting all your monitoring needs

The platform meets the growing monitoring needs of a World increasingly affected by challenges such as climate change and aging infrastructure.

Tunnels and galleries

Analysis of convergences and deformations of tunnel sections during different phases:  excavation with TBMs, construction and operation.

Bridges and viaducts

Monitoring the geotechnical parameters and the structural health of bridges and viaducts through the measurement of static, dynamic and vibrational parameters.

Railways and subways

Monitoring the key parameters related to the railway platform, from track geometry to the underlying ballast, to provide timely indications of any possible deterioration in order to ensure operational safety.


Monitoring of concrete and earth filled dams during and after the construction phase to ensure safety (e.g. seismic or weather related events) and operational efficiency.

Buildings and historical monuments

Monitoring of civil buildings and historical monuments during construction or renovation works and throughout their entire life cycle.

Landslides and slopes

Monitoring the stability of slopes and surrounding structures to prevent issues related to hydrogeological instability.


Monitoring environmental parameters (wind, rainfall, air pollution etc.) with applications in different fields, from agriculture to renewable energy generation.

Smart cities

Monitoring urban environments: camera control, traffic, pollution levels, environmental and meteorological parameters, waste and public utility networks (water, electricity, gas); setting and remotely managing alarms to control and prevent potential negative events and disruptions.

Benefits of AIDA IoT

Management of a plurality of devices

Dedicated modules for specific applications

Flexibility and customization

Generation of automatic alerts and management of alert systems

Advanced data analysis capabilities

Predictive capabilities

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