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AIDA IoT, the reliable platform that provides a comprehensive and real-time view of the project to be monitored

Many features and extensive customization options using an intuitive and easy-to-navigate menu.

A fully customizable service

AIDA IoT offers users a wide range of customization options, spanning from data management (creation and customization of tools, alarms, automatic reports, storage space etc.) to graphic design and visualization (creation and customization of charts, dashboards, synoptic maps etc.). Thanks to a team of skilled developers, AIDA IoT also allows the implementation of specific features upon request.

The AIDA IoT Menu


The Project section summarizes all the different elements of a monitoring system and provides, to users with authorization, some specific tools and resources to interact with installed sensors and instrumentation as well as with the data generated by them (data upload and validation, offsets, formula modification etc.).


In the Consulting section, users have the possibility to consult and manage all the different aspects of a monitoring project (sensors location, interactive maps, charts, customized dashboards and reports).


This section contains technical modules dedicated to specialized applications (data processing for specific sensors or contexts, data analysis and predictive simulations, interactions/automations tailored to the project). Among the different specialized applications are Inclinometry, Vibrometry, Tunneling, Dynamics and SHM.


In the Archives section, users can view, download and upload in a dedicated web space all the documents, images and information collected from a monitoring project.


This section is dedicated to setting and customizing alarms logic as well as monitoring the status of active alarms for a project. An alarm can be triggered by an event, exceeding a set threshold or by anomalies in the operation of the installed monitoring sensors and instruments. Authorized users can create, modify and manage all kind of alarms. Alerts are automatically sent to users via email or sms.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

@Field Solution

Data are sent to Field’s proprietary servers, and each user can access their data through any web browser. Field is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the AIDA IoT platform.

On Premise Solution

AIDA IoT and the SQL database are installed on the user’s server. Field handles the maintenance and upgrades of the AIDA IoT platform while the client is responsible for choosing, maintaining and operating efficiently their hardware and the related software.

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