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Rain Gauge Station at “Croce della Reit” – Routine Maintenance and Data Management

  • Project

    The Municipality of Bormio (SO) commissioned to Field the installation of a rain gauge station at “Croce della Reit”. AIDA IoT is used for the management, visualization and immediate validation of environmental monitoring data, with the provision for sending alert messages via email or sms, as well as the activation of a sound siren in case of exceeding set thresholds.


    Field installed a rain gauge station with an automatic data logger for remote monitoring of rainfall.
    The tipping bucket of the rain gauge, processed in millimeters of rainfall, is imported to the AIDA IoT web page, which has been appropriately configured to allow the client to access useful data such as instant rainfall in millimeters, cumulative rainfall over 1, 12, and 24 hours. AIDA IoT also manages an alert system that, upon exceeding predefined thresholds, triggers SMS alerts and activates a sound signal.
    The monitored values include:

    • – Instantaneous differential values
    • – Cumulative alarms for 1-hourperiods
    • – Cumulative alarms for 12-hour periods
    • – Cumulative alarms for 24-hour periods

    Routine maintenance campaigns are conducted semi-annually in the spring and autumn to verify the proper functioning of the rain gauge system and the alert system.


    The Municipality of Bormio now has an effective tool to assess in “real-time” the amounts of precipitation occurring at the base of the “Croce del Reit” walls, with the aim of pre-alerting the population and potentially closing the SS38 Stelvio road and evacuating the residents of the
    Molina-Bagni hamlet.